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Stepping into growth.


   Shift Institute started in 2017

with a vision from God to train

and equip Nepali leaders.

A field survey was conducted in Nepalgunj

in 2017, where we asked

3 questions:

  1.  How did you come to Christ?
  2. How did you become a leader?
  3. What do you need now?

Create unity among church leaders,

equipping them with sound biblical and

organizational leadership knowledge enabling

them to lead churches.

Journey so far
Journey so far:

1. Graduated Twelve Diploma programs.

2. Ongoing Bachelors in Ministry Program

3. Launched brief study and analysis of Nepal

Church History book.

4. Running discipleship program and various

short term leadership trainings

and workshops.


1. Provide structured Diploma in Ministry training

in all seven provinces of Nepal every year.

 2.Advance to Bachelor in Ministry training to graduates.

3. Establish a network of pastors and leaders.

4. Build a strong team of theological trainers.

Sameer Nakarmi
(Managing Director)

We welcome you with open arms at the SHIFT Institute, a training institute that envisions to equip Nepali leaders in biblical knowledge and leadership development, create unity among leaders.

Since 2017, the SHIFT institute has ceaselessly been working to cater to the Nepali leaders’ need for leadership training and discipleship development. We offer theological ministry training programs that contribute to the leaders’ ongoing growth as a disciple of Lord Jesus, and as gospel leaders for Nepal. As a mobile bible institute, the SHIFT team takes the training to the local leaders’ closest proximity across the country and delivers the modular ministry training intensives. It is our mission to facilitate the leaders to create ministry and development plans while we coach them and help them stay accountable to their leadership and ministry goals.

The SHIFT Institute follows a carefully crafted curriculum, which presents traditional theological curricula in a highly interactive method. Our training sessions function in a ‘workshop’ style environment where we encourage participants to share their learning and experiences. The students are engaged to bring their own skills and insights, and to apply the concepts, mindsets, and biblical principles in their lives. Our training courses are designed to build bridges for the gospel and help nurture fellowship amongst the communities of the participants.

We aim to fulfill Ephesians 4:1-16 through this endeavor and glorify our triune God through our words and deeds. We look forward to collaborating with you in your leadership development and continuous growth in the person of Jesus Christ

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