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Diploma in Ministry (Dip.Min) Program
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SHIFT Diploma in ministry Training is highly interactive which includes participatory method. Shift training is holistic; it includes spiritual formation, practical ministry skills development, academic excellence, leadership tools and models, and community development. We aim on equipping and empowering our participants (pastors and leaders), since leaders who attend the training are themselves expected to train and develop leaders within their own local church. And we do it by COACHING.

COACHING: All participants must make themselves available for coaching once every two weeks after training. Their coaches will support them and help keep them moving forward. Coaching provides personal support and accountability for participants. It helps them to apply the learning in their own local context. Coaching is a skill set that enables pastors to develop their own leaders and multiply the impact of their ministry. The most effective assessment of Shift training will be spiritually healthy, growing pastors leading spiritually healthy growing churches, together maturing in Christ.

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